Welcom to my elan gallery, photos that folks sent me of thier ski-doo elans!

Welcome to our elan gallery, photos that folks sent me of thier ski-doo elans! The second elan page

elan photos for cyber sledders like you. Built from 1971 to 1996! Now that is a long time for one model of snowmobile!

My ski- doo elan photo page is a perfect place to display "your" elan photos, if you would like to send me by e mail some shots of your "wee" elan gem, no matter what shape or mod, she might be in!


Poidevin's Vintage Snowmobile Site http://poidy.pages.web.com/

Happy trails for 2007

Good tech elan forum  http://users.boardnation.com/~oldski-doosleds/index.php


To visit a professional "elan" site, click the link from Sweden!


Mod elan site  http://www.wintergreenknoll.com/ski-doo/pictures.html

Rare 1971 elan cover

1971 250 elan, our new first elan

1971 elan, the ledgend begines..............

Goofin' around on the 71, in the early 70s, in Nova Scotia, yeah I still doo that today on them!

Dave from Perry Sound, nice elan

Wades 71 elan in general lee colours, Yee Haw!

Carls "flamin" elan, cool

Elan Blizzard racer in Valcourt Que.

My 335 elan next to a elanBlizzard, I was no match for that beast!

Nice "coon" elan and ski-boose, typical of the trapper/ice fishermen of the day

Cliffs grass dragin' elan, the one to beat!

Stephanes 72 SS, sweet!

Tom's 250 elan grass dragger, topless.

Nice wee 71 elan racer, from Tom in PA (74 hood & loopless skis)

Lowtech's elan water skipper

Kevin's fishin' elan, cool paint job

Stepanes elanblizzard @ show, very nice!

Stepanes 1972 elan,

Stepanes 1977 elan

SledderAls 1971 elan, still zippin' through the fields!

Newest and last version, the 1995 elan, I have yet to see one

Alex's 1974 Delux, thanks SledderAl!

Zachs 1973 250 elan

Marty's wee beastie, still doin' it

1974 elan SS

Thank you kindly folks for your elan photos

Tony's (Luckyketch) 3 elans,77,71,78, now that's a collecter

Cales mod elan, stuffed with a 340 twin, zoom, zoom!